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Re: [IPp] I know I screwed up, but help me figure this out

our endo says not to correct for 3 hours after a bolus, because it takes
humalog that long to get out of their system
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Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 8:14 AM
Subject: [IPp] I know I screwed up, but help me figure this out

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> Last night, we checked Meghan at 10:00 p.m.   She was 370.  Gave her a
> bolus.  Went back and checked = hour later, and she was 401.  Checked
> the pump and it was delivering insulin.  Okay, we figured bad site.
> Changed the site, gave her a bolus.   Checked her = hour later and she
> was down to 122, uh-oh dropping too fast, made her drink a juice.
> Checked her 15 minutes later, 28!!!.   Shot some cake gel in her cheek
> right away instead of trying to wake her up.   Then she woke up and came
> out in the living room to eat some PB crackers and drink a little milk.
> Kept her up until she was 78 and peak of insulin had passed.  It is now
> 1:30 a.m.  Got up at 3:00 to check her again and she was 342.   Gave her
> a bolus.  Figured I must have over treated the low.  Checked her in =
> hour, she reads 367.  Arrgh.  This is when it hits me that maybe we are
> checking too soon and it finally dawned on me that her low earlier was
> probably due to too many boluses.  So I patiently wait another 20
> minutes and she is down to 322.  Go back to bed for an hour and a = and
> get up at 6:00.   She is 266.  Give her a bolus, and go back to bed.
> We get up at 7:00 and she is 188.  I washed her hands after every check
> to make sure it wasnt food.
> Okay, if you have made it through my story, HOW LONG do we need to wait
> to check if she is going down after a bolus???  I am petrified of DKA,
> since I know it is a much greater risk on the pump.  She is on Novolog.
> I never paid attention to this on injections, because I KNEW she got her
> shot.   And of course, my internet was not working last night, so I
> couldnt come and ask for help.  So any input would help.
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