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Re: [IPp] normal basal?

Trena  - I remember talking to my CDE and she said that when the boys hit
the teen years that their insuling usage is the highest it will be in their
life time - due to hormones, growth, etc.  I can't remember the exact number
of units but it was staggering.  I am sure there are others on this site who
have already gone through this, but I do remember that this is something I
should be prepared for with my eight year old son.
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Subject: [IPp] normal basal?

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> I know this is supposed to be an individual thing, but I am curious if
> else's child that is around a 155 pounds is using this much insulin.
> basal rate has just gone up again to 1.2 units an hour. We have steadily
> up .1 units for the last year. He is almost 13 and very active and bg is
>  very good control as long as we keep increasing the basal rate a little
every 3
> o
> r4 months. He can go to bed perfect and wake up perfect for months and one
> day he's waking up 240-270 for a week and we'll increase the basal just
>  unit and he'll be fine for 3 or 4 more months. I'm curious about other
> though because our neighbor is 38 and has been diabetic for 18 years and
> take 0.8 units for basal rate and is in good control. I just hope Jake is
>  needing more insulin than normal or if how much insulin you take means
> about your condition. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Trena (mom to
> Jake 12)
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