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[IPp] RE: Normal Basals

My daughter, Shannon, is 13 yrs old, 5'2" and 131 lbs.
She has basals that range from 1.3-1.9u/hr. I've been
told once puberty is over her insulin needs will
decrease somewhat as will the insulin resistance due to
the hormones. We were seeing cyclical patterns of
insulin resistance and increased basal needs for a
couple of years before puberty even began. The dr told
us that is normal.

Just ride it out...eventually the horrormone hell will
get better. :)

PS...there is no "normal" basal for any given age or
weight etc. It is different for everyone, and just
whatever your particular body needs to maintain normal

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-13 (dx 11/96, pumping
HTron 11/99, pumping Cozmo 8/03) and her 7 siblings :)
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