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RE: [IPp] Fast Food

Tea, This has happened to us on several occasions.  People seem to not
take my 10 year old son seriously when he orders a diet soda.  I find
myself saying right after he orders "He is a diabetic."  So, they know
it is serious.  I even had a waiter tell me after I discovered that my
son's diet soda was NOT diet,"Oh, I thought it was so cute when he was
trying to act grown-up and order a diet soda." Or "You are not fat. Why
do you want a diet soda?"  We just test by taking a sip every time he
orders or asking him to make sure it tastes right.  

Donna - Mom to Connor 10 dx at 6, pumping w/Cosmo since Aug. and Darrin
12, Britney 7 non-diabetics

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Just wanted to share this.
Yesterday we went  to Mc Donalds for lunch since we were on our way out 
of town. I should have known better, they always seem to  mess up our 
order at this particular one. I ordered two happy  meals for my 
daughters both the same, extra pickel,  no onions & a diet coke. Well 
one got the burger right but got Mr. pib for a drink & the other got a 
normal burger  &  a  Normal coke.  By the time we figured it out we were

to far to turn around. The burgers I can handle but not the soda. It 
makes me wounder if this has ever happened before.They have had 
unexplained highs before after eating out. Know I'm going to have to 
check their drinks every time we go out.
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