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Re: [IPp] I know I screwed up, but help me figure this out

Dear Donna

Welcome to the world of craziness when it comes to kids and their blood
My Patricia is in the middle of hormones I am sure and we are seeing alot of
these days lately. We changes sets so much that we ran out far faster than
ever before. We ran out of strips today as well. Now waiting for 1 pm so I
can buy more strips as Thanksgiving Day here so the stores are closed.

I take her back to see the specialist at clinic next week and I am hoping
they will put her on the continuos glucose monitoring machine. We know
nothing is making sense some days and with her also having celiac disease
and gastro paraesis we know that makes it harder.

Keep up the good work on checking and keep real good records as you may find
some pattern there to see changes for basals or boluses.

Jana in Nova Scotia
Happy Thanksgiving Day to all
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