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[IPp] I know I screwed up, but help me figure this out

Last night, we checked Meghan at 10:00 p.m.   She was 370.  Gave her a
bolus.  Went back and checked = hour later, and she was 401.  Checked
the pump and it was delivering insulin.  Okay, we figured bad site.
Changed the site, gave her a bolus.   Checked her = hour later and she
was down to 122, uh-oh dropping too fast, made her drink a juice.
Checked her 15 minutes later, 28!!!.   Shot some cake gel in her cheek
right away instead of trying to wake her up.   Then she woke up and came
out in the living room to eat some PB crackers and drink a little milk.
Kept her up until she was 78 and peak of insulin had passed.  It is now
1:30 a.m.  Got up at 3:00 to check her again and she was 342.   Gave her
a bolus.  Figured I must have over treated the low.  Checked her in =
hour, she reads 367.  Arrgh.  This is when it hits me that maybe we are
checking too soon and it finally dawned on me that her low earlier was
probably due to too many boluses.  So I patiently wait another 20
minutes and she is down to 322.  Go back to bed for an hour and a = and
get up at 6:00.   She is 266.  Give her a bolus, and go back to bed.
We get up at 7:00 and she is 188.  I washed her hands after every check
to make sure it wasnt food.

Okay, if you have made it through my story, HOW LONG do we need to wait
to check if she is going down after a bolus???  I am petrified of DKA,
since I know it is a much greater risk on the pump.  She is on Novolog.
I never paid attention to this on injections, because I KNEW she got her
shot.   And of course, my internet was not working last night, so I
couldnt come and ask for help.  So any input would help.

 <mailto:email @ redacted> Donna
Mom to Meghan, 7 (dx 9/28/02, Animas 10/08/03)
Nicholas, 10 (science fanatic and GameCube addict)
Married to Don for over 11 great years
Living in Melbourne, FL
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