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[IPp] Normal Basals?

Hi Debbie,
  You asked how do you know how much to raise the basals.  I didn't know
either.  His numbers were high for over a week, meaning in the 200's, 300's
and even the 400's at points.  By the end of the week he had started to
spill keytones.  During this time we had changed the set almost every day,
changed the area of the site, changed bottles of insulin, made sure there
were no bubbles in the line, everything you could think of, but still high
(by the way he was not sick either).  I was in touch with the doctor
continully.  He had me raise the basals little by little, then just decided
to double them across the board.  That did it.  His numbers were back to
normal.  We did have to lower one basal after doubling it.  I was really
scared to double everything, but I figured the doctor knew best.  I was
taking his blood all through the night when we doubled the basals.  I
checked him a couple times the following night too.  He did fine.  We didn't
end up lowering them, till almost a month later (when his growth spurt was
   You said that 10 and 1/2 seemed early to be going through puberty, but
they don't have to be going through puberty to have a growth spurt.  That
can happen any time.  Johnny just happened to be going through puberty when
he needed the doubling of his basals (oddly enough, he was just turning 11).
For his other growth spurts we only raised his basals .1 at a time.
   But remember, everyone is different. What worked for him, may not work
for others.  I was just glad his numbers were back to normal.
    I still worry about the fact that he needs so much insulin.  Hopefully
that need will go down after he gets through the teen years.
Dianne, mom to Johnny 11
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