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[IPp] RE: Normal Basals

I have been reading with interest all the posts on basals and hormones, etc.
Our son is 10 1/2 and has been pumping with Cozmo since April.  Everything
has been great until last week for a 3 day stint, he had numbers in the
300's.  I thought at first, bad site.  So changed it twice in two days and
still couldn't get those numbers to come down.  I was giving shots just to
keep him from developing ketoacidosis.  I am wondering if he had some sort
of hormonal surge.  We have noticed he has gotten taller and seems to be
filling out some.  10 1/2 seems awfully early to start the "puberty" thing.
But I am encouraged by the emails from others.  We go to his endo. for a
regular visit next week and I will discuss all of this with him.  Thanks so
much for all of the information and encouragement.

My question is this... how do you know how high to tweak the basals?  I am
especially concerned about nighttime, not knowing....  Do you just increase
in small tenths increments?  The funny thing is that his numbers came back
down to normal in about 3 or 4 days time and have been fine ever since.

Thanks so much!!

Debbie Crawford
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