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[IPp] normal basals?

Hi Trena,
   My son is 11 years old, 5'4 1/2" and weighs 158 lbs. He's not a fat kid,
just a very solid, big boy.  Anyway, every time he goes through a growth
spurt, we have to double his basals for a while.  After 2 weeks to a month
we have to start backing them down, but they never go back to what they were
before.  We really had a big jump this summer.  He grew a total of 3 inches
in 3 months!  No one could believe it was the same kid when he went back to
school.  One of the biggest changes was his voice, much deeper now.
    His basal rates are now :
12am - 9am   1.65
9am -  12pm  2.2
12pm - 6pm  2.3
6pm - 12am  2.0
When he was going through his growth spurt this past summer, his highest
basal rate was 2.6!
  His numbers have been pretty good lately.  I may even have to back down
his 9am - 12am to 2.15.  He's been running a little low at lunch for the
last 4 or 5 days.
   So your kid's not the only one.
Dianne, mom to Johnny 11
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