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Re: [IPp] normal basal?

 I think the best answer I heard about this question is that however much
insulin you need to give in order to have good control is the amount your
pancreas would make if it were working. Being a teenager also means your son is
having hormone issues, which increases insulin needs. If his 1.2 basal rate
gives him good control, then that's just what he needs.

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Date:  Sat, 11 Oct 2003 09:45:42 EDT

>I know this is supposed to be an individual thing, but I am curious if anyone 
>else's child that is around a 155 pounds is using this much insulin. Jake's 
>basal rate has just gone up again to 1.2 units an hour. We have steadily gone 
>up .1 units for the last year. He is almost 13 and very active and bg is in 
 > very good control as long as we keep increasing the basal rate a little every
>r4 months. He can go to bed perfect and wake up perfect for months and one 
>day he's waking up 240-270 for a week and we'll increase the basal just 0..1 
 > unit and he'll be fine for 3 or 4 more months. I'm curious about other
>though because our neighbor is 38 and has been diabetic for 18 years and only 
>take 0.8 units for basal rate and is in good control. I just hope Jake is not 
 > needing more insulin than normal or if how much insulin you take means
>about your condition. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Trena (mom to 
>Jake 12)
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Kelly, mom to Jillian 13, dx'd 2/6/01, Patrick 11 and Erin 3 
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