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[IPp] Re: Glucose Tablets

>>In our school, the kids may not pass
out candy or ANYTHING, not in school, not on a school bus.  The schools are
  panicking now about kids and peanut allergies and other allergies 
that kids may
have and they don't want the liability...so they say no eating anywhere unless
supervised.  And for those of you with kids that suffer from allergies, you
can appreciate this.<<

Hi Cindy,

Did your school district suspend Jessy for passing out medication or 
for passing out food?  If they have a no food rule in place, then 
they are within their rights.  If not, I would pursue the issue, if 
for nothing else just to educate schools.  We can make a 
difference...person by person, school district by school district. 
One person's victory has a trickling effect which makes it a victory 
for all of us.

Keep us posted.

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