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Re: [IPp] Glucose Tablets

OK, I have to reply, being that I am a bus driver and all. lol
On my bus there is no food or drink allowed. Of course, I my diabetic son is 
on my bus and so juice boxes and extra snacks are kept in a container behind 
my seat.  I don't see what the big deal is with Jessy passing out a few tabs, 
BUT I do see where the school would freak out.  The bus ride home is an 
 extension of the school day, meaning...that if the kids act up or don't behave
follow school rules on the bus, they will be punished according to school 
 policies. The school is of course going to jump on this and take it as far as
can, to teach a big lesson to everyone.  In our school, the kids may not pass 
out candy or ANYTHING, not in school, not on a school bus.  The schools are 
 panicking now about kids and peanut allergies and other allergies that kids may
have and they don't want the liability...so they say no eating anywhere unless 
supervised.  And for those of you with kids that suffer from allergies, you 
can appreciate this.
Cindy...I know you, I know Jessy, I miss you guys by the way!!!  We've been 
real busy too with travel soccer and my sister being pregnant again and my 
 Nana....blah blah blah..lol. I know your a terrific Mom and you have a terrific
kid!  You know what needs to be done, and you'll get it done.  Your absolutely 
the best!  Let me know if I can help in any way!!!  
Sarah :)
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