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Re: [IPp] Dealing with teenage male hormones & DM

If you figure it out, let me know!  My 15y.o. son's BG run high for several
days and then .... he's all over the place.
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Subject: [IPp] Dealing with teenage male hormones & DM

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> I would like to hear from parents or males young enough to give
> me ideas on how to deal with my sons raging hormones
> affecting his blood sugars.
> He will be 14 in January and has been in early puberty for over
> a year now.     He spent the last two years having spurts of
> hormones and growth spells but they tended to only last for
> 7-10 days and then were over.     Recently he seems to be
> having them much more frequently and they are only lasting
> for a few days at a time.
> I know I've read of how some teens reached a point of actually
> being on a doubled dose of insulin for a while,  or one week
> a month for girls.    Just wanting to know if he is being normal
> and what we should expect over the next few years.    Also any
> ideas would be great.
> I'm always a little leary of just doing large jumps in his basals
> so we are doing smaller jumps with corrections every three
> hours but its causing him to miss school again.     And we have
> the additional worry of not knowing when he will suddenly return
> to normal and need his old basals --  since he is known to
> have seizures while sleeping from too rapid drops in blood sugars.
> Thanks!
> Sincerely,
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> Paradigm  8/16/02,  and now ANIMAS IR1000  3/18/03 ) --------and MaMa to
> Jennifer (turning 21 this summer), Allison (18), Rachel (7)
> Fenton, MO
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