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RE: [IPp] Silhouette versus other sites, numbing cream

Meghan just started pumping last night, and we did a comfort site
without emla.  She was pretty scared at the site of the needle as well,
but told us after that it didn't hurt too much more than an injection,
and a lot less than Lantus.  

Mom to Meghan, 7 (dx 9/28/02, Animas 10/08/03) 
Nicholas, 10 (science fanatic and GameCube addict)
Married to Don for over 11 great years
Living in Melbourne, FL

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Wow, what a timely subject.

 I just switched Joshua from the Sils/Essentials to the Quicksets
because he was
absolutely tramatized by the size of the Sil needle. (Thanks Deb for the

 I had to insert his Sil site at night while he slept. This worked for
but he soon caught on to "cold IV Prep means site change!" and would
wake (kind
of) and fight the site change. EMLA didn't work, ice didn't work. He saw
the Sil
& freaked.

 At the endo's office we used the QuickSet inserter & he fought but once
actually inserted the site, he said it didn't hurt at all.

 I could get 3 good days out of a Sil site (some times 4 - I know, bad
And we only had one site pull out, that was when he was horsing around
with his
sister & the tubing got caught, pulling the site out.

 He swam all summer in the pool & at the beach with the Sils, but I just
couldn't take the "terror" of site-change days.

 Now we'll see how the QuickSets hold up. Oh, he's using the 6 mm though
I have
tons of 9 mm.

 As for basals/bolus ratios on the Deltec - Joshua is also 37 lbs, but
basals are 200 to 1U & now down to 40/30 carbs (depending on meal) to 1U
so the
Deltec works for Joshua without us doing any math. (Good thing as I have
English degree - Math? nope, nope, nope.) As always with diabetes, YMMV.

 Joshua stopped delivery twice when the CDE came to start him on the
pump. She
called Deltec & said - this is not a "good thing" - I'm glad to see that
will rectify this, but it's now a non-issue for us. Joshua only pulls
out the
pump to check the time (like he knows what it says - NOT!).


Mom to Joshua 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. Pumping w/Cozmo 06/03/03,& Jessie 21
western Massachusetts
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