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Re: [IPp] Silhouette versus other sites, numbing cream


My son is now 7 and has been pumping for a little over a year now with the 
Paradigm. We use the Silhouettes and LOVE them.  We have never had a site 
 failure or a site fall out. We also have never used a numbing cream because our
 Endo did not recommend having my son rely on that in case there ever was a time
when we didn't have it.  My son has only cried or screamed from a site change 
 maybe, MAYBE three to five times in the last year. We change sites every other
day and sometimes I go three days, but I hate to do that because our Endo 
 again does not recommend that for healing reasons. My son is very very lean and
we only insert on his upper buttocks area.  He doesn't even have half an inch 
to pinch up to insert on his tummy, so for now, it is the butt.  Yes, the 
 Silhouette is long and it looks scary, but I have also inserted in myself and
my sister and we both felt absolutely nothing more than a small small pinch. 
 Getting stung by a bee hurts more. I truly recommend using Silhouettes in small
children and any child regardless of age that is very lean or very active.  
We also have never had to use any tape or extra adhesive to keep the site on 
and we do a lot of swimming and have many beach days during the summer.  Never 
ever a problem.
Hope this helps and good luck.
Sarah  :)   Single- Mom to Matthew (turning 7 on Sept 7th!!!!) MM Paradigm 
since May 2002, dxd 3/99 and Victoria (8) Non-D...Love My kids!
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