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Re: [IPp] Silhouette versus other sites, numbing cream


We use emla (a numbing cream) on our daughter.  Amy is 8 and has been
pumping for 1-1/2 years.  We also use the silhouette, it is much better
for the smaller slimmer kids.  We were on the quick set but we thought
our bg numbers weren't as good as they should be and we were always
changing her site every 2 days without fail.  When we switched to the
silhouette, we now quite often get 3 days out of the site, and our
numbers are much better.  We have done the quickset without emla but
never the silhouette.  It would make site changes muck quicker, but these
kids endure so much, why hurt them when it's not necessary.  Some kids I
know do all changes with no cream, and that's great, but that's not Amy. 
If you let the emla work for about 20 - 30 minutes, it shouldn't hurt. 
If by chance you hit a muscle, it will hurt.  I hope this helps, happy
Joanne, mom to Allison(9), Amy (8, dx.'d March '01, pumping Feb.'02),
wife to Rick[IMAGE]

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have so many questions, but this is all so new to me. Do > > most people
with young (under age 5) pumpers use the silhouette or > > its
equivalent? My husband thought about trying other sites that > > are
injected in at a 90 degree angle because he thought changing the > > site
would be less traumatic, but I have heard that the silhouette > > is the
best for small children and those that are extremely slender. > > > > Do
many of you use numbing cream? We have used it twice. Once it > > worked
beautifully... she didn't even know I had insert the site. > > The other
time, she screamed with pain. > >Too deep! > > > > Do many people buy
this > > stuff, as it is quite expensive? Do you find it works well? What
> > are alternatives people have found that work well (like icing it)? >
> > >Lily uses ice.
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