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Re: [IPp] Silhouette versus other sites, numbing cream

> Hello,
> Sorry to have so many questions, but this is all so new to me.  Do
> most people with young (under age 5) pumpers use the silhouette or
> its equivalent?  My husband thought about trying other sites that
> are injected in at a 90 degree angle because he thought changing the
> site would be less traumatic, but I have heard that the silhouette
> is the best for small children and those that are extremely slender.
> Do many of you use numbing cream?  We have used it twice.  Once it
> worked beautifully... she didn't even know I had insert the site. 
> The other time, she screamed with pain. 

Too deep!

> Do many people buy this
> stuff, as it is quite expensive?  Do you find it works well?  What
> are alternatives people have found that work well (like icing it)?

Lily uses ice. 
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