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Re: [IPp] Re: What the heck...

We've had a series of problems with pumping, we still absolutely love it,
but all the fine tuning and troubleshooting takes time. We've been pumping
3 months now and I 'think' we almost have it under control. First, we had
site problems, we solved those, then we had insulin problems, a switch to
Novolog solved that. Then, our first illness on a pump, we got through
that. Now, we are back to fine tuning basals AGAIN. I guess the fine tuning
of the basals will go on forever, but as long as the rest is out of the
way, we can breath a little easier. My point is to hang on, it takes time,
be patient, it will get better each month.
Take care,

"Kelly Blauvelt" <email @ redacted>@insulin-pumpers.org on
10/04/2003 07:43:11 AM

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 Maybe she's upset about all the problems with the school and it's
affecting her
blood sugar? Or is she getting sick? If you give an injection does it come

---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: "Catherine Schulz" <email @ redacted>
Date:  Fri, 3 Oct 2003 21:14:10 -0700

>I cannot get Emma's numbers down on the pump (we've been pumping 2 weeks
 >She was just fine with the new basals and boluses, now, she's over 250 at
 >check, and lots of times over 300. I'm checking and correcting every hour
 >about, and her numbers won't budge. I've changed her set 3 times,
 >diluted to non-diluted and back again, re-primed the pump a half a dozen
>and no real change.  One unit is supposed to drop her 160 points (on U50),
>I'm lucky if I see a 20-30 point drop.  It was working a few days ago >(
 >I've had stubborn highs on Lantus and H, but nothing quite like this.
AND, the
>kid who never shows ketones is throwing a few.  Is this a common thing on
>pump?  Do you gradually just have to keep upping the insulin until things
>out for a while?  GRRRR
 >Mom to Madeline 9, Austin 7, Emma 4 dx 10/9/02 - pumping Cozmo 9/22/03,
>3, Genevieve & Gracie 1

Kelly, mom to Jillian 13, dx'd 2/6/01, Patrick 11 and Erin 3
Happily married to Steve

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