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[IPp] what the heck

Hi Catherine,
   You say your child's only been pumping for 2 weeks.  That's not long.
She may just be getting used to Novolog or Humalog, which ever it may be.
It may have been working with those basal rates at first, but now the basal
rates need to be raised.  What does her doctor say?  Don't you call in her
blood readings each day or two.  We had to every day for the first month.
If you've ruled out all the other things that people have said, like
sickness, bad insulin or stress, you might want to look into raising the
basal rates.  When my son went through a growth spurt the doctor ended up
doubling all his basal rates.  His highest one at the time was .8 it was
then changed to 1.6! and guess what?  That worked.  After around a month we
had to start lowering them back down, but they never were able to go back to
.8 again.
   Don't feel afraid of calling the doctor too much. That's what they're
there for.  Good luck.
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