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Re: [IPp] Freestyle meter

My daughter has been using the Freestyle for a year or so.   They can be
finicky.  This has never happened to me, but I've had Error  and
inaccurate reading problems with them.   Just call the company.  The
numbers on the back of the meter.  Tell them you want a new one.  They
will replace it.  They are very good about this.   The last time I had a
problem with the reading I called them up and said I refused to use the
meter I have here and I wanted a new one (I wasn't going to purchase a
new one).   Of course I said it nicely, but firmly.   My meter gave me an
inaccurate reading.  It showed a good count when my daughter was low.  So
this was not something to play games with.   The company realizes the
money they would lose on test strips.  It's well worth giving you a
complimentary meter to keep you (or your insurance company) purchasing
those expensive test ! strips.
Good Luck.

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> > I know that a lot of you use the Freestyle meter on your kids. I was
wondering >how it works for you, because I'm trying to decide if our
meter is just finicky, >or whether they all act like this. > > Claire
started using it late last spring. She uses the Freestyle at home and
>continues to use her Ultra One Touch when she is out of the house. We
like the >Ultra's small and handy carrying case and fast results, but get
quite a few >error messages when the blood hasn't sucked up fast enough.
I find the Freestyle >awkward and bulky, but Claire likes to use it at
home due to the smaller blood >sample required. > > Anyhow, when we went
on holiday in July, I brought both meters but we were >using the
Freestyle primarily, as I always had to carry everything anyhow due to
>the heat if left in the car. When we camped for the first night (after 3
nights >in hotels), the meter started acting up and wouldn't work. I am
wondering if it >is extremely sensitive to humidity changes? Where we
live is very dry, but we >camped right along the Pacific Ocean and it was
very damp and cool. So I just >put that meter away for the rest of the
trip. > > It has continued to act funny at home. Very often when I put a
strip into the >meter, it starts beeping Error xx until I remove the
strip. Sometimes the strip >just won't work, and other times when I
re-insert the same strip it is then just >fine. Then, after removing the
strip after getting a bg result, the meter beeps >with another Error
number, until the used strip is removed. This happens with >all the strip
vials, we have gone through quite a few in the last 6 weeks and >they are
all the same. > > So, does this happen to anyone else? I think the
Freestyle bg readings are >accurate, now and again I check it against the
Ultra, which has always been very >accurate when tested at the Lab. >
>Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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