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My daughter just started on the new paradigm.  WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how much it is to upgrade as we just
started pumping.
daughter Tiffany 9 dx'd 8 pumping since 9/03
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> I just read a little about the updated Paridigm.   Did anybody invest in
> this?   How does it work?   How much did it cost to upgrade? I'm really
> not too familiar with it.  I see it does calculations for you.   I don't
> know about your kids, but when my daughter gets a bolus I usually always
> have to figure some variable in (i.e. exercise, previous bolus, more
> insulin per carbs for breakfast, less insulin per carbs before bed etc.
> etc.). What do you find to be the biggest advantage? Also, I currently
> use the BD monitor (as a backup).   I have a lot of trouble with it.
> I've gotten 2 incorrect readings.  BD has replaced two monitors already
> because of reading discrepancies. Any input I'd appreciate.  I'm thinking
> about the upgrade, but I just don't know if it's worth it.  Maybe I
> should let them work some of the bugs out first. Thanks!!
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