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[IPp] Re: I don't get it

I posted last night saying that my son was running high for the past week
also.  Through out the night he still reamined high (I gave him an
correction shot at 12:00am, but at 3:00am he was still in the 200's. I
changed his set again. He woke up at 444 with high keytones! I called his
endo and he told me to give him his correction and breakfast bolus in the
form of a shot then change his site AGAIN to somewhere other than the
stomach and call him in another hour.  Johnny has only used the stomach
area. It was a big struggle, but he finally let me put in the area above the
butt. Or as Sylvia says, the hiney.
   An hour later he still was at 455, but he had eaten breakfast. His
keytones were now between low to moderate (I had him drinking a lot!).  The
doctor's instructions then, were to correct him again to 150 but add one
more unit for keytones. A hour and a half after that he was at 228 with no
keytones. At lunch time he was finally back to normal, 83. Whew!
   It all boiled down to the fact that his stomach was being overused and
not absorbing the insulin anymore.
   I guess we'll be using the hiney for a while now.
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 10
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