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[IPp] URGENT: EMLA to be taken off the market

      If you know of anyone with a young child on a pump, who may be using 
this numbing cream before doing an insertion, please pass on the 
information.....I know of far too many kids who have NEVER had an infusion 
set inserted without this cream & I'd hate for parents to be caught unaware! 
Thanks to Bridget Roe's pharmacist for apprising her of this change & to 
Bridget ( mom of Maverick - pumping since shortly after birth!!!!) for 
posting it to the Insulin-Pumpers.org gang
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Subject: URGENT: EMLA to be taken off the market
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I have confirmed with AstraZeneca that EMLA will be taken off the market on
November 15, 2002. EMLA is an anesthetic cream often used by insulin pumpers
to numb the skin prior to inserting an insulin pump infusion set.

EMLA is being taken off the market because the packaging doesn't comply with
the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. Once new, child-resistant packaging is
designed and approved, EMLA will be reintroduced into the market. The expected
re-release date is mid-2003.

Until that time, EMLA will only be available to hospitals for use in
in-hospital settings. EMLA will no longer be available at pharmacies or to
physicians for use in their offices.

If you use EMLA, now would be a good time to stock up.

As an alternative, you might want to consider Ela-MAX, another topical
anesthetic. Information about Ela-MAX is available at:

For more information about the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, see
www.cpsc.gov or contact the Consumer Products Safety Commission at (301)

Jeff Hitchcock - email @ redacted
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