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[IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #238

I'm addressing the back flow issue in MM508.  We had a scary weekend a two
years ago with high blood sugars that wouldn't come down and large
mysterious air bubbles in the tubing.  I was counseled to perform the "clamp
test" by the Minimed tech.  It was clear we had a leak.  I found the site -
it was at the junction of the reservoir and the tubing.  I was able to screw
it tighter by just 1/2  a turn and the problem was solved.  Not too long ago
I was called to see a young pumper who had sugars that wouldn't come down...
Same problem.  I opened the pump and could smell the insulin.  A tissue came
away a little wet with insulin.

I'd also like to share my experience with the glucowatch.  Sometimes it
works very well.  It seems to need the blood sugar to be fairly stable
during it's two hour calibration period.  This is hard for us to achieve,
since my 3 year old eats quite frequently, and often has rapidly rising
blood sugar after he falls asleep. It has skipped data at critical moments.
It's supposed to alarm if the blood sugar is falling rapidly, but sometimes
it just gives up and skips.  For absolute safety you should probably set it
to alarm not just for highs, lows and rapid drops, but for skips too.  But
then it would be alarming all the time.

We did not have insurance pay for the watch.
TMM, mom to David,3
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