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[IPp] Notes from the DRI Conference in NYC

     Since Sarah & Cindy already posted about the DRI conference Oct 26th in
NYC, thought I'd add a portion of my e-newsletter that I send to cyber
friends. Also wanted to say "thanks for name tags" which enabled me to accost
Cindy in the hallway, as my daughter & I were leaving, & introduce myself as
"Melissa's pump mom"!! LOL.....As both of these moms' posts implied, meeting
our cyber friends is a VERY special bond that I doubt the inventors of the
Internet could have ever imagined!!
Renee (Melissa's pump mom/advocate)

C. I had the pleasure of attending the Diabetes Research Institute's
educational conference in New York City yesterday. Sparing you the lengthy
scientific details, suffice it to say that what I heard from several renowned
speakers was an exciting focus on seeking alternative ways of maintaining
functional islet cell transplants WITHOUT immunosuppressants. If our children
are to one day benefit from what has now been proven & re-proven to render
patients insulin-IN-dependent, then research must proceed in the direction of
enabling their young bodies to safely "tolerate" the donor cells.

D. I also had a chance to speak with the sales rep from the newest insulin
pump, COZMO, by Deltec. The pump should be available in December & has a lot
of enticing features/improvements over existing pumps. This is NOT a personal
endorsement, since no one is actually using the pump yet, but rather an FYI
for those researching the possibility of purchasing a pump to know that there
will soon be another "pump on the block". <A
1CB28">Deltec, Inc</A> 

and since my daughter was with me too, interrogating the sales rep, I can
attest that we were both intrigued by the features, especially my favorite
one: WORDS that actually EXPLAIN why your pump is alarming, instead of

E. A guest speaker at the DRI event was Ken Bernstein, one of DRI's 5 islet
transplant patients. Hearing Ken speak about his life-altering transformation
to insulin-INdependence was overwhelming, to say the least. Watching my
daughter's face as Ken spoke about his 37 years of insulin DEPENDENCE was
equally emotional. It was a poignant reminder of why our family continues to
do whatever we can to empower, to educate, to advocate for our daughter & for
anyone living with diabetes, so that they can all be healthy enough to avail
themselves of a potential & accessible cure someday.

F. I also had the pleasure of introducing Jeff Hitchcock, founder of <A
www.childrenwithdiabetes.com</A> to my daughter & husband.  If I owe my
passion, and dedication to diabetes to any one person, it's probably Jeff
(and my daughter who first told me about his website in June 1997). If you
haven't ever participated in his Parents chat rooms or checked out his weekly
What's New, you're missing out on a very viable resource. <A
HREF="http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/whatsnew/d_01_100.htm">children with
DIABETES - What's New for 20 October 2002</A>

And although I didn't include Michael in my newsletter (mea culpa), I'd like
to publicly give credit to him too for my on-line/off-line advocacy. In fact,
Jeff Hitchcock remembers VERY well when I, Ellen (CamelsRFun) and Judy from
NY were the "3 pumpeteers" at childrenwithdiabetes in the summer of 1997. We
were often accused of "prostelytizing" about pump therapy, adding
increasingly convincing arguments from the growing membership at IP (which
had a mere 50 members I believe when I joined in the fall of '97).
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