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[IPp] HbA1C

Just wanted to share the good news.  Lauren's HbA1C is 7.5.  She was
between 8.3 and 9.0 pre pump.  I always said that I wanted the freedom
that pumping would provide for Lauren, and if her A1C improved, that
would be great.  If there are any parents reading this who are
considering a pump for their kids, it is all that I hoped it would be for
Lauren and more.

Do any parents use the freestyle tracker for their kids?  It has lots of
nice features, but I wonder if it would be worth it for us since Lauren
does half of her tests in a day at school.  She keeps her school meters
(one in the classroom and one in the nurse's office) at school.  We use
paper logs to send info back and forth from home and school.  I have a
handspring already, but the module isn't cheap.


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