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Re: [IPp] Re: Success!!!

> Hi Carol,
>        This is the exact story I had with  Claire's endo.  Wanted better
> control before considering a pump.  I was devastated, as we had moved all
> way from the UK to get her a pump.  Like you, I quickly found another
> who I really liked and Claire was pumping in a couple of months.  Pre-pump
> Claire was always around 10, as well.  Last May we had a HA1C of 7.1!!
> Things have worsened since then, but it does give me hope that some day we
> will have one in the sixes.  We moved across the country after she got her
> pump and the paediatrician here (no endos around) thinks anything under 8
> just great for kids.
>        Congratulations!
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 8


I agree, anything under an 8 is great.  It's especially hard during puberty.
All those hormones can really do a number on BG's. We hooked Devin up to a
continuous glucose monitor for 3 days.  Unfortunately, we only got one days
reading, the other two days it malfunctioned.  The one day we got his BG's
were all in line.  We may hook him up again.  My Endo gave me a form to fill
out and send in for a glucowatch.  They're now approved for kids over 7 and
he'd like me to get one for Devin.  I don't know if my insurance company
will go for it, but I'll going to try.  It would be nice to have when he
goes camping and I can't go to check his BG's at night.

Has anyone had any luck with there insurance companies paying for the

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