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[IPp] Re: Success!!!

Hi Carol,
       This is the exact story I had with  Claire's endo.  Wanted better bg 
control before considering a pump.  I was devastated, as we had moved all the 
way from the UK to get her a pump.  Like you, I quickly found another Endo, 
who I really liked and Claire was pumping in a couple of months.  Pre-pump 
Claire was always around 10, as well.  Last May we had a HA1C of 7.1!!  
Things have worsened since then, but it does give me hope that some day we 
will have one in the sixes.  We moved across the country after she got her 
pump and the paediatrician here (no endos around) thinks anything under 8 is 
just great for kids.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
>  His old Endo
> wouldn't even consider putting him on a pump until his BG was in control.  
> I
> tried and tried to get her to change her mind, but she wouldn't budge.  So 
> we
> found a new Endo (he's great) who put Devin on the pump right away.  Well,
> yesterday we went to the Endo's (new one's) office and got the results of
> Devin's A1c.  I couldn't believe it - a "7.7"  Not perfect, but so much
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