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Re: [IPp] backflow not bubbles

The minimed silhouette and quickset are manufactured by Maersk, of Denmark. 
Maersk also manufactures these models under different names for Diesetronic, 
I am not sure about Animas. The pump companies supply these infusion sets to 
their customers.  My CDE/nurse, told me this morning that backflow is not an 
uncommon problem.   However, when a pump has driver arm problems, as Minimed 
508 has on occasion, and as some of you have reported, the continuous 
pressure needed to offset backflow is not there.  

Having said that, this morning, back to the quickset, with a new pump, after 
having been successfully on injections for a couple of days. Excellent blood 
sugars. Back to 400 within an hour.   
Blame is not the issue - information, responsibly reported, is.  And what a 
company does with that information, once alerted.  

We never had a problem with the softset, manufactured by Minimed.
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