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[IPp] RE: Blood Testing at school

My daughter started pumping at age 4, so she has been pumping at school
thru kindergarten (1/2 day) 1st grade, and now 2nd grade.  She has a BG
check pre-lunch at 11:15, eats lunch, gets a bolus.  She has a snack at
2:00pm with her class, and then climbs on the bus @ 3:20 to come home.
For a few weeks at the beginning of the school year this year we had Gen
do a BG check @ 2:00pm before snack, as Gen was starting to have a few
lows in the afternoon.  We've since adjusted her basals and have
eliminated that extra check as we found it was not necessary (for now
;-} ).
Paula, Mom to Genevieve (age 7, dx'd @13mths, pumping Jan 2000) and
James (age 11, non-D)
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