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[IPp] switching pumps

Hi everyone,

If anyone is interested, here's our Animas story.  First, there are many
satisfied Animas users out there, and the customer service they provded
us was excellent.  However, in Lauren's 5 months of pumping, we are now
on pump number 7.  They have all been water problems.  It's not the
battery o-rings, because we just chagned our first set of batteries last
month - the pumps always had to be replaced before the batteries needed
to be changed.  I think the problem is with the cartridges, but I'm still
waiting for an engineer's report.  We initially chose the Animas pump
because of the DC motor, the .05 basal increments, and because they claim
it is watertight.  We are at the beach as much as possible in the summer.
 Through the winter, I don't mind if Lauren disconnects for swimming in a
pool and bathing, but I found it imposible to disconnect at the beach and
keep the site clean enough to reconnect.  Maybe we got our pump at a time
when they had issues with their cartridges.  I know they have changed the
sterilization process for the cartridges, and maybe that would prevent
the problems we had.

I don't want to start a pump war.  Animas customer service has been
excellent.  There are many loyal Animas users here who are extremely
happy with both the product and the service.  Pumps are mechanical
devices and sometimes things go wrong.  However, 7 pumps in 5 months is
too many in my opinion.

I have not posted our story to the list before because the Animas service
was so good in getting us replacement pumps.  However, if I were
researching a pump for the first time, I would want to hear about
problems like this.


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