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Re: [IPp] backflow not bubbles

In a message dated 10/24/2002 7:06:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I understand that it is difficult to imagine that a large company like 
> minimed could dispense defective products.  It is easier to imagine that 
> the 
> tech is unprofessional, or that I am mistaken.  But it would be 
> irresponsible 
> for folks not to report backflow problems (not bubbles, I should not have 
> described the problem that way) to minimed as the problem is in the 
> technology, and the more reports they have, the more quickly they will 
> rectify the problem.

After I logged off for the night, I kept thinking about this.  Something just 
kept tickling the back of my brain & I *could not* for the life of me think 
why this should bug me so much.  *THEN* I remembered!:

When I was researching pumps, the Animas rep told me that the infusion sets 
were *all* made by the same company (well actually she mentioned  the Sils, 
Comforts & Tenders specifically), but that they put a "private name label" on 
it for each pump company.  Kinda like the generic brands you buy at the 
store: Albertson's will put their name on it, while Kroger's will put theirs, 
but neither one "made" the item....an outside source did.

The Animas rep told me that it is the same with these infusion sets.  So my 
question is, has anyone with a pump other than MiniMed (MM) experienced this 
backflow problem?  Because if so, the *manufacturer* should make it right, 
rather than allowing the good name of the *pump* company to shoulder the 
blame for the defective item.  The pump companies merely get their "brand" 
from the manufacturer (even tho all the pump companies sell all the brands)

I only brought this up because I know a lot of people on the list joined so 
they could get info on the different pumps, and *if* what the Animas rep told 
me is true, then it would be unfair to suggest that MiniMed sells defective 
items when actually it is the fault of the outside manufacturer.

Does this make any sense, or did my brain just overload after logging off???  
LOL!  ;)


Marie  :)
Mom to Nikkolas (Nikko) 7/98
Dx'd 3/01
Pumping MM508 since 7/02
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