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[IPp] backflow not bubbles

I understand that it is difficult to imagine that a large company like 
minimed could dispense defective products.  It is easier to imagine that the 
tech is unprofessional, or that I am mistaken.  But it would be irresponsible 
for folks not to report backflow problems (not bubbles, I should not have 
described the problem that way) to minimed as the problem is in the 
technology, and the more reports they have, the more quickly they will 
rectify the problem. By the way, the first tech we spoke with offered to 
replace the "defective" quicksets we were using.  He sent us three new boxes 
of the same lot number as those with the problem, and needless to say, we 
again experienced the  problem. We switched to the silhouette, thinking we 
would now not have the problem. We did. The second tech told us to throw out 
the set with backflow problem, and start with a fresh set.  He asked us to 
send him the set with the backflow problem.  He sent us new silhouettes to 
replace those with the backflow problem, same lot, same problem again. The 
third tech spent over an hour with me, but it was quite clear that the cause 
of a two inch "bubble" at the end of the line that disappears when the set is 
held in one position and reappears when it is held in another position is air 
getting into the line. I hope that anyone who has the backflow problem 
doesn't hesitate to call Minimed.  We waited too long. 
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