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Re: [IPp] Blood Testing at school

My son is also in kindergarten this year,he started the pump one week before 
school started so we all learned at the same time. The nurse goes to him 
because I did not want him and a buddy losing class time. They send his 
meter home at the end of the week for me to download and empty. Well, this 
week only had four days in it and there were 43 readings just from school. I 
do think that is excessive, but too much is better than not enough. Some of 
them were at my sons request because he felt low (and was). They really do 
what ever I ask, but the nurse is a little paranoid about liablity so I 
don't complain. I would try to get them to test in the room for less lost 
time. I also want to add that until my son started school there the nurse 
only visited 2-3 days a week, now there is one there for him every day. And 
he is not the first or only child with diabetes. The other one is in 4th 
grade, still on shots (why) and her mom is clinic trained and at the school 
almost every day. I do not have that option, I have to work, so they have to 
do it alone. I am available by phone (and I get called ALOT!)

   Good luck!!
Shari, mom to Jayson 5, dx'd 6/00

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