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[IPp] Re: Rough day in Waterloo, Ontario

     Do some of you have kids in Grade one on the pump with diabetes?  How 
 often do they check while in school?   I am having trouble getting school to 
 supervise his check at 10am and 2pm >>

Hi Colleen,
    My little girl started pumping in grade 1, in Ontario.  Her school 
refused to have anything to do with diabetes care--I hadn't even asked them 
to.  But then a teacher with Type 2 volunteered to help her with bg checks 
(she could do them herself) and the principal almost shouted "NO WAY".  This 
was on injections.  When she started the pump in April, I basically felt that 
she was not safe at school and she quit attending.  There were other issues, 
like lows and the teacher restraining her and not notifying me and taking her 
out of the school grounds without my permission and without any glucose etc.  
    The following September we switched schools in Ontario, where we then had 
a teacher at least who would watch for lows.  Claire boluses herself for her 
morning snack and I go every day at lunch to check bgs and to supervise the 
lunch bolus calculations.  We are now in B.C.   Here they will supervise bg 
checks, but I have not asked for this.  I do not feel a 10 am check is 
necessary for Claire.  Lunch is at 11:10 and the school day finishes at 2:30. 
 So she checks 7:30, 11:10, 2:50 and dinner time and bed time on a normal 
day.  You have to be careful running the little ones too tightly within 4-7.  
They can be so active at recess.  
    I think you probably know that in Ontario, schools are under no 
obligation to supervise bg testing, and its up to each individual school as 
to what they choose to do.  And this can change with each change in 
administration.  However, they do have to protect their health and be 
reasonable--eg like give dextrose/glucose to treat lows.  

Good luck,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 (now grade 3)
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