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Re: [IPp] Rough day in Waterloo, Ontario

My daughter Brooke is in Sr. kindergarten and has been pumping since July. We
have been very lucky both last year and again this year in that her teachers
have been willing to supervise and record her pokes for lunches, snacks and
potential lows. There is also a teachers assistant who I have taught to use
her monitor and if for some reason the teacher is too busy she can be called
in. As a last resort, her principal has learned how to test her so if there is
a supply teacher she can walk to the office with a friend and she will take
care of the testing. I hope those options may help a little. As for the
bolusing, there is no one who is willing to take on that responsibility. I
hope all works out for you.

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Colleen,My daughter is now in 4th grade but was diagnosed in 1st grade
and started pumping early into her second grade year.  She has always
felt her lows which has been quite a relief.  Amelia would check herself
at lunch, and after school, plus whenever she felt that she needed to
check due to lows/highs that she felt.  If they had a party/snack before
school got out, she checked, corrected if needed, and bolused for the
snack.  She had a watch with an alarm to remind her to test because the
teacher had so much going on that she would forget to remind her. We
relied on the phone alot at first.  The school was very good to let her
call me anytime, and I carry a cell phone at all times because I work.
Amelia would call me to confirm corrections and let me know how she
tested.  In time, she took over most testing and bolusing on her own.  I
made a chart for her to make corrections which was 1/2 unit for every 50
over 100 bg.  She onl! y called me when she wasn't in target and she
leveled out on the pump so in time, things ran pretty smooth.  Perhaps
with a watch as a reminder, your son could check his own bgs and call you
to correct over the phone when needed.  Would the secretary in the office
confirm the bolus if you are uncomfortable with it not being checked?
Does your son feel his lows?  I would not want to let him run high.
Amelia is very moody when she is high and it effects her overall
performance at school.  Hang in there.  This disease is always a battle
but kids are pretty resiliant.  Do you have a school nurse? Do you have a
504 to outline what needs to be done?  Sorry so long, just hate it when
people are sad.  Hang in there-I can tell that you are a caring mother
and trying to do what is right for your son!CheriDate: Wed, 23 Oct 2002
16:33:59 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IPp] Rough day in Waterloo, Ontario

Dear Parents,

    Do some of you have kids in Grade one on the pump with diabetes?  How
often do they check while in school?   I am having trouble getting school
supervise his check at 10am and 2pm.  I have been doing it since school
started but James is now testing his own blood.  They won't supervise a
with him either.  UGH.  I called the clinic (McMaster University
and the nurse says let him ride high instead of testing in afternoon.
Why do
that when that is ! what hurts him.   I feel like I can't do anything
right -
it's too much testing for the school and not enough if I want to keep him
between 4 and 7.

    I am so very sad.



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