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[IPp] re: rough day in Waterloo

My daughter Lauren is in first grade.  She was diagnosed at four, and
went to kindergarten last year at the same school she's in now.  She
started pumping last May (first elementary school pumper in our school
district), so the nurse had a little time getting used to it all before
Lauren was there for a full day the year.

Lauren checks before snack at 9:30, before lunch, before PE and before
coming home.  The tests are all done in the classroom, except for the one
at lunch because the nurse's office is on the way to the cafeteria.  We
are very lucky that our nurse and school have been wiling to grant just
about any request I have made regarding Lauren's care.  At 9:30, the
nurse comes to Lauren's classroom to verify her bolus.  Before PE and at
the end of the day, there's a phone in the classroom that Lauren uses to
call the nurse to tell her what her blood sugar is.  Her classroom
teacher suggested that.  Personally, I would not give up the end of the
day test.  There's too much that can happen between lunch and home.  Hang
in there and stick to what you feel is right for your child.  At Lauren's
school, they had never done tests in the classroom before because no one
had asked for it.  Once we worked out the details, the school was

If I can help you in any other way please email me off list.

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