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Re: [IPp] bubbles in the line

Many of you have written advising me to use room temerpature insulin, and 
with other ideas for getting rid of bubbles in the reservoir, and I thank 
you. The problem is backflow, caused, tech at Minimed said, because that the 
sets are leaking air in at the juncture of the line and the cannula. In a 
word, they are defective.  
If you have the problem of a very very large bubble, say, one to two inches, 
at the point of juncture between the line and the cannula, that disappears 
when you hold the set upside down and reappears when you hold it right side 
up,  (having taken all precautions like using room temperature insulin, 
tapping, etc.) then you are getting air in the line, and this is a defect in 
the set. It's taken almost three months to figure this out, having looked at 
every variable known, having spent hours on the phone with minimed and my 
If you have this problem, you should let the folks at minimed know.
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