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[IPp] bubbles

Thank you all for writing.  I just got off the phone with a tech from 
Minimed.  He suggested that, after an hour of analysis of the tubing, the 
connection, etc., that there is a hole in the line that is causing our 
problem.  We have no bubbles in the reservoir whatsoever, and the only place 
the backflow occurs is at the connection between the tube and the insertion 
piece (not the inserter). The fact that the backflow problem occurs with the 
quikset and the silhouette, but not the softset is due to the fact that 
quickset and silhouette are manufactured by Maersk, and softset by minimed 
itself.  So, he thinks we have had defective lots in both varieties.  He is 
researching the problem and will get back to me tomorrow.  For now, we are 
very unhappy about having to return to the softset, and don't want to do 
injections.  Sigh.
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