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[IPp] I have to vent!

It is really a shame that so many parents have to go through all of these
issues of glucagon, testing in the classroom,  etc.  However, our kids
health and well being come first and it is worth the fight to protect
them!  Hang in there.  We also had problems over the glucagon issue but
prevailed in the end.  Hang in there!  When Amelia was diagnosed at age
6, her testing in the classroom was really cool, everyone wanted to see
her and then they would have to see ouch when they saw her poke!  I was
in her classroom a few weeks ago (went to have lunch with her at school)
and watched her test.  I was the only one that noticed her testing.  If
this teacher would just give it time, the other kids would get used to it
and it wouldn't be a big deal.  Maybe she would rather deal with a
seizure than a juice box, huh?  Amelia has been fortunate in having very
supportive teachers, the school nurse was the one that gave us troubl! es
over the glucagon, and she is in the school for one hour a month! Call
the ADA and get some moral support/back-up!  Good luck.  Let us know how
things turn out.........oh, and vent anytime!  This list is cheaper than

Cheri McCurdy, Mom to Amelia, D at 6, pumping at 6, now age 9!


Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 22:38:02 -0500

From: "jftroop" Subject: [IPp] I have to vent! Hey Everybody, Well, three
weeks ago today, we drafted Jeffrey's 504 plan. It had not been signed
because I said I wanted there to be a backup plan should Jeffrey have a
severe low and need Glucagon and the Nurse was out. Apparently the state
of Alabama has mandated that no one be allowed to do any kind of invasive
procedure if they are not a nurse. So they have been messing around with
figuring out how to get around that law. To recap, my son Jeffrey,7, was
being sent to the nurse four times a day with a "buddy" from his class,
sometimes the nurse was in another building, but even in his building it
is quite a walk. A few times he showed up with a bloodsugar under 50.
(Unacceptable, yes?) So, when we had the 504 meeting, I said that I
wanted him tested in the classroom and everyone agreed, even the TEACHER.
Friday, Jeffrey told his teacher that he felt low after pe and she called
for the nurse. Well, folks, his bs was 32!!! We have had seizures at 27.
So the nurse came and they were able to get him to drink juice and
everything was fine. Then, Sat, Jeffrey's teacher came by and told my
husband that she wanted to talk to us together, I was out and she didn't
tell him anything. So I called her tonight and she LIT into me, telling
me that testing in the room was not working, it was completely disruptive
to the other students, and she was not ok with it at all, and after all
that happened on Friday, she really was not ok with it. I said, well I am
sorry you feel that way but regardless of where Jeffrey is tested, if he
has a low, he WILL NOT leave that room, the nurse will come to him. Then
she said that she did not feel that him leaving that many times was
hurting him academically and I said, well maybe not, but it is hurting
him personally because he does feel different. So then basically she hung
up on me she just said thank, and hung up. Am I overreacting??????? I am
going up there first thing in the am and my husband is coming with me
this time, he has let me handle it up to now, but now he has had it too.
Sorry this is so long, I just had to vent to someone. Thanks for
listening! A very ANGRY, Laura, mom to Eryn,9, Jeffrey,7, dx 5/00, and
Mary Glenn, 4


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