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Re: [IPp] I have to vent!

No - you are not over-reacting.
1) A child is entitled to the "least restrictive educational environment" -
meaning that he should not have to leave the room to test his blood sugars 3-4
times a day.  You just lose too much class time.  ESPECIALLY if he is testing
to see if he is low.  Are they asking for a lawsuit?  My daughter gets very
combative when she is low, somehow, I can't see a friend handling that on the
way to the nurse's office!
2) This teacher is way out of line - do not talk to her alone again without
3) Know that what you are doing is right.  Stick to your original 504 and do
not let them tell you what is "best" for your child.  You tell them and DO NOT
4) Is there a local ADA, JDRF, independent diabetes association that could
help you out with pro bono legal, etc. advice?  I am so very tired of parents
having to fight this fight every year.  Can't one of these national
organizations take this on and establish school guidelines state by state?
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