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Re: [IPp] Re: flu shots

None of us ever had the flu shot and I don't see any of us getting it. Our 
pediatrition told us Jack should get it because of diabetes, but when I asked 
the endo she said it was our call and if he never got it before then there is 
no reason to get it now.It doesn't protect against the stomach flu only 
respitory flu anyway.And as for the chicken pox vac , all of my kids have it 
because we were told that it would most likely be mandatory by the time they 
went to school and they would have to get it anyway, and it is suppose to be 
more effective if given at a younger age. So we went ahead and did it then 
and now it is mandatory in Illinois anyway. 
Mom to Sam (8) Jack (7) and Tressa Angelina (2)
Jack diagnosed 12/2000 & Pumping since  3/2002
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