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Re: [IPp] Chicken pox and sites

Hi Barbara

Chicken Pox is not fun even with out having diabetes. I would suggest you
get some calamine lotion to help with the itching. Use oatmeal baths to
sooth her as well.
 As to the sites, this is a time to start looking at using any site you can
from her legs, buttocks, stomach below the belt line and above the belly
button. The higher area makes great sites. You can use the front and side
and back of her legs as well. You can use her arms too but some don't like
that due to being connected to an infusion  line. Make sure she has lots of
fluids and pop sicles are great for days she feels sick . Watch out for
fevers as they can get that some times. Adjust her basals as you see the
need. Test a bit more often. Should she not want to eat for a day , don't
fret. Just make sure she is getting fluids and she should be fine.You might
need to adjust her basals a bit to cover her being sick. Some need less
insulin but Patricia needed more.

My daughter has skin problems all the time and the IV prep does not hurt her
there.Actually it is so sterile they seems to clear up better when she uses
those sites. Just try to not use a crusted area and you will be okay.Most
kids get alot of poxes but not all over their entire body so I feel you will
be okay.

Keep us posted on how things are going.

Jana Church
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