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[IPp] Re: B.C. Endos

Hi Cindy,
     I haven't been to Vancouver Island since I was a child and I've never 
been to Campbell River.  But my hubby (who grew up in England and Ireland) 
has a much older brother who lived there for many years.  
     LOL about the cougars.  Being new to B.C. the wildlife situation is also 
really new to me!  There are bears around the city I live in--one was hit on 
a major thoroughfare last week.  And a mama deer and her young fawn ran 
behind our house and across the street in August.  I often hear the coyotes 
howling as I read my IP mail late at night, too.  Oh well, guess its better 
than hearing the drunks stumbling home from the pubs, something I've had to 
hear in past homes.  Yes, it is extremely beautiful where we live, but it is 
taxed.  Thats a joke they say around here, cause the cost of living here is a 
lot higher than other parts of Canada.  B.C. doesn't just stand for British 
Columbia, it stands for Bring Cash.  :}
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> Dear Barb and Barbara,
> Just out of curiosity, I have an Aunt and Uncle (alice and Steve Bergh)
> who man a light station on Campbell River there in BC.  You know them? 
> I've never been to visit them (yet) but one day I will get out there, I
> know it is just beautiful out there (when our kids aren't "cougar bait"
> anymore, we will certainly try to visit.....lol.....that is our on going
> joke for procrastinating visiting)
> Cindy
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