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[IPp] Re: B.C. Endos

Hi Barb,
     We moved here to Kelowna, not quite one year ago.  The Endo in Ontario 
that started Claire on a pump referred us to Dr.Dan at our request.  We 
didn't see her for long--I moved to Ontario when we returned from living in 
Ireland and my husband went to Kelowna.  We stayed in Ontario to get Claire 
started on a pump and for her to have some major surgery at Sick Kids 
Hospital in Toronto.  I didn't want the surgery done anywhere else as the 
surgeon had done her first operation, and I also wouldn't have it done 
without her pumping.   Sick Kids refused us a pump but then I found another 
endo who was great and on the first visit to her said "why not?" when I said 
I wanted Claire started on a pump immediately.  (I listed her in the IP 
directory of pump docs)  The entire team were so friendly and relaxed.  I 
think it stemmed from them being able to work part time, as they were all 
working mums with young kids, and not being right in the centre of hectic 
Toronto.  We only had a couple of appointments there before moving out here. 
     Saw Dr. Dan in May 2002 and he was borderline rude with us.  Did not 
even examine Claire, left it to a medical student.  They were strongly 
discouraging anyone who did not live in Vancouver from coming there.  If he 
had any words of wisdom, he chose not to share them with me.  I also found 
the nurse borderline obnoxious.  I hated everything about our visit there.  
It had been a major 4 day trip.  As he is the one in charge of the diabetes 
camp, I'm not sure I want to ever send Claire to camp either.  Our 
paediatrician here says I must have caught him on a bad day, that he is a 
nice guy etc.  So I face the prospect of no knowledgeable doctor for Claire 
until she grows up.  Doctors here haven't even seen a pump before, but our 
paediatrician is quite willing to listen and learn from me about it and to 
offer helpful suggestions when she can.   
     Claire started skiing last year and it also often sends her high.  But 
not every time, so its tricky.   As so many people ski in Kelowna, its one 
thing that the CDE here hears a lot about.  And apparently it does send a lot 
of peoples' bgs up.  I worry so much about her going low on the mountain--it 
very scary how easily you can become lost or disoriented in the snow there 
even without a low bg (we go to Big White).  I don't like her out of my 
sight, but its hard when all my kids can ski so much better than I'll ever be 
able to! 

Best regards,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> I'm in B.C. too, on Vancouver Island. There are a couple of endos in the
> Vancouver area actually. We were travelling to Vancouver once a year to
> visit one that I think is quite good - Dr. Dan Metzger. He's at Children's
> and he's great with kids. Trouble is, 1) he's in Vancouver and 2) he hands
> all the pump training stuff over to a nurse at Children's and, while I
> appreciate a lot of what she's done (including keeping in touch via email),
> it's just difficult to train someone within a couple of days on everything
> you need to know and almost as difficult to communicate via email on
> problems that sometimes take a lot of explaining. We weren't told anything
> about what to do on sick days, how to figure out what amounts of insulin
> injections Nick should go back on if there were ever any problems with the
> pump, etc., until I asked about them after we got back home and realized we
> hadn't covered it.
> What part of B.C. are you from?
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