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[IPp] Re: Attendance at School

>>I have to vent a little bit here.
A couple of days ago, Barbara wrote about Zachary's health problems and
difficulties with school and attendance and such.  I'm sure that all of us
here wished we could have some good answers for her, and could give Zachary a
big hug, too.
Barbara also posted her query for help to the main IP list.  And this is what
I need to vent about.  Someone wrote back regarding this topic and proceeded
to go on and on about how absolutely wonderful their son is<<

Hi Barbara and Barbara,

I totally agree with you.  I was appalled at that person's post, too. 
It was incredibly insensitive or just plain stupid!  I just don't 
understand where she was coming from???  Didn't she "get" how 
upsetting her reply was?  A cry for help from a member, and instead 
of helpful advice, she got a slap in the face!

Just so you know, Barbara P., we have our struggles.  Before 
diagnosis, Noah was a high honor roll student...straight A+'s.  That 
was seven years ago.  Each year after diagnosis, his grades have 
slipped a little to where he now carries a B average.  He hasn't made 
the honor roll for the last two years.  He's dropped all of his honor 
classes except for one.  He has allergy problems and asthma on top of 
D so misses a lot of school.  He averages 35 days of missed school a 
year...before diagnosis, around 5 days.  The school won't provide a 
tutor unless his absence is a long-term one.  (Unfortunately, I think 
most public schools operate the same way).  He's doing much better 
now since he started allergy immunizations.  The poor kid, he can't 
get away from shots!

I wish I had some good advice to share but just wanted you to know 
you are not alone!

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah
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