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Re: [IPp] Re: Attendance at School

Dear Barbara and Barbara

Well wrote Hun
My daughter Patricia struggles everyday to have decent control even with
pumping. Her celiac disease and other health issues always presents a
challenge. Her stress level also affects her. Her joy and laughter also
affects her. She is major learning challenged and that affects her too.

Tomorrow both her and her brother go to the heart clinic for total heart
rechecks due to inherited genes that can kill you before you know you have a
problem.  That has to also affect the mind .Yet my kids laugh, bring joy and
give me reasons to feel so blessed. We adopted them knowing this all could
happen once we found it out, but that does not change a thing. We love them
As to the mom who sang praises for her child, bless her as she is truly one
of the few who has a child without problems. I just look at life as living
in the fast lane and we chose to treat each day as if it's our last and
squeeze all the love and joy we can get from it. Call me negative- nope,
call me silly--- maybe--- but I love my family and will not ever allow
anyone to bother me when they say how wonderful things are for them. Our
live is wonderful too but we just have a few more things than some others to
deal with.That's life and we are loving it.
Bless you all so much for being so caring, so loving and hard working for
your families.Remember to give yourselves a hug too.

Jana who needs her sleep tonight.
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