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[IPp] Re: Attendance at School

I have to vent a little bit here.

A couple of days ago, Barbara wrote about Zachary's health problems and 
difficulties with school and attendance and such.  I'm sure that all of us 
here wished we could have some good answers for her, and could give Zachary a 
big hug, too.

Barbara also posted her query for help to the main IP list.  And this is what 
I need to vent about.  Someone wrote back regarding this topic and proceeded 
to go on and on about how absolutely wonderful their son is.  How he has 
handled his diabetes so well all his life, never missed any school, been an 
academic and social star at school, etc. etc. etc.  

Did they offer her any advice, solutions, good wishes --no.  Well, I haven't 
gone back to re-read the post, so I could be wrong, but this is what stuck in 
my mind, and it has been bothering me all day.  When we post for help, do we 
really want to hear about how perfect someone else' kid is???  Yes, we are 
all proud of our children for their accomplishments, but when others need 
support, its not the time to talk about how great our kids are.  And by 
implication, well, why does yours have a problem?   

So I know Barbara is probably too nice a person to be irked, annoyed etc at 
that poster.  So I am letting her know that I will be PISSED OFF for her.  
She has been a La Leche League leader for many years and thus has spent a 
good chunk of her life supporting and helping others.  

Barbara, the best thing LLL left with me was the sense to follow my mothering 
instincts--that I know best was is the right thing for my child.  And I don't 
think these instincts have ever let me down, not even when other "experts" 
were telling me to do things differently.  So I know that you know to do the 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 
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