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[IPp] Re: Lancets

I guess some of you don't read the main IP list.  A few times a year, lancet 
change day is announced.  I think it coincides with the changes to and from 
daylight-savings time and also at the summer and winter solstice.  So watch 
for the day coming up soon! :)  Perhaps I shall ask George to post it to this 
list as well.

Seriously, this topic does come up on the main list and there are numerous 
people who only change their lancet when it no longer works, just a few times 
a year.  No one has ever reported getting any sort of infection or problem 
from doing this.  

For four years I changed Claire's lancet with every use.  Its amazing how 
much extra bother this step is when you are travelling, testing in the car, 
on airplanes or whatever.  When she began pumping and testing more often, I 
quit changing so often and she actually now will yell at me if she sees me 
changing it.  But I do try to change it once a day, either after her last 
waking time test at night, or before the early morning test.  We use the 
Softclix lancets.  But for awhile we used the ones that came with the 
Medisense lancer, and they were so hard to change I left them for days at a 
time.  Didn't seem to make any difference.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> We are changing our lancets for every single test that we do. We go thru on 
> average 6-12 lancets per day.  I was wondering if you worry about infection 
> with using only one per day?  We were told by our endo that they were for 
> one 
> time use and then you throw them away in the sharps container.  Just 
> curious.
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