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[IPp] lancets

We changed my son's lancets every time when first diagnosed till we met
an "experienced" person with diabetes.  Found out he did not change
every time, so we quickly changed to once each morning.  This went on
for a long time, till I joined the IP list.  Here I found out that
people went months without changing.  So I tried to relax a little.  We
try now to change each time we change a bottle of test strips.  So that
would give my son 25 pokes with each lancet.  It is not the cost of the
lancets, mine are covered by insurance.  It is just one more thing to do
every day.  When my son went to pump training the other "student" was a
16 year old boy who had been diagnosed at 10.  He was still cleaning his
finger with an alcohol swab before each test, as well as changing his
lancet every time.  The nurse at training (not the pump trainer) told
him that he did not have to do this.  I was wondering if my son was
diagnosed today and we did our 3 day hospital stay, if they still taught
changing with every poke.  We have never had any problems with any type
of infection.
Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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